Top 11 Amazing Features of iOS 13 that you need to know right before the Official Launch

Top 11 amazing features of iOS 13 that you need to know right before the Offical launch

Since 2007, September has become one of the favorite months in the realm of mobile technology. Since then, it has been 12 years, and Apple never fails to amaze the mobile tech world with its genius. This year too with iOS 13, the mobile tech giant is all set to take the breath away of its consumers.

Despite all the speculations by the mobile technology pundits, Apple has a knack of surprising everyone. WWDC 2019 keynote gave everyone an idea of how massively grand iOS 13 would be in terms of functions and features compared to the previous versions.

Apple declared some features at WWDC like a continuation of mobile app optimization and making it better and faster in iOS 13. Along with this improved app update time, app launch time, etc. were the notable announcements made by the mobile app technology pioneer. But there are certain features of iOS 13 that are disguised aptly.

We have made sure to bring all those to your foray so that when September comes, you will be all prepared for it.

So fasten your seatbelts and get ready to dive into the world of iOS 13.

An improved handwriting keyboard

iOS 13 will have a modified keyboard that can be regulated and used by the user to write Chinese.

The keyboard will have more space so that the customer can write more kanji lines and also full sentences. Moreover, iOS 13 will also have a separate button which is solely for the emoticons.

The user can switch easily between different languages by using the emoticon key, this key offers amazing user experience as compared to the previous single globe key.

Optimized Battery

Apple has made sure that with iOS 13, the users won’t have any ‘battery woes.’ With the optimized battery, the user can make sure that the iPhone spends less time in charging as compared to the previous versions.

Through acute iOS mobile app development, iOS 13 makes sure that the iPhone learns from the daily usage of the customer to reduce the battery from aging quickly.

As the battery is optimized, it will have a long run and also improve the efficiency of the battery.

Smoother Volume control

In the current version of iOS, the volume control button proves to be a nuisance for the user. Because when you press the button, a gigantic graphic comes to the screen which blocks the content you are watching on the phone.

Thus learning from it, Apple has redesigned the volume slider, which is sleek in design and will only appear at the corner of the screen. After the user has adjusted the volume on its device, the slider button will slim down before eventually fading away.

ARKIT 3 is here

ARKIT 3 will be available with iOS 13 to all the high-end iOS devices like iPhone XR, XS Max. The user can use the prominent augmented reality technology by placing any objects in front or behind a person.

The experiences will be immersive as ARKIT 3 will have people occlusion, which will help in giving real experiences.

Only Known Callers

There will be no spam or strange calls to your cell number as with iOS 13; Apple has made sure to block spam calls. The user has to turn on the settings, iPhone will only buzz when the call is from your contact list. If not, all the unknown numbers and spam callers will be directly sent to the voice mail.

Better Control on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

Going one step better in iOS app development, iOS 13 will give the ease of selecting Bluetooth and Wi-Fi signal to the user. In the current version, the buttons are only in the control center and in order to access, the customer has to always go into the mobile settings.

iOS 13 will have the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi buttons directly in the control center with corresponding buttons. Just tap on either of the Bluetooth or Wi-Fi icons, and you will see all the available options in the form of a list.

Dark Mode option

Now you can change the look of the entire iOS operating system from light to dark by just using the Dark mode option. The user can have any one of the two options available or can custom schedule the mode according to the time of the day.

In addition, all the native apps in iOS 13 will have the feature to support the dark mode. The third-party apps can also integrate the dark mode option by using dark mode APIs.

Photo app that we have been waiting for

The mobile technology giant has taken the utmost care with the Photo app in iOS 13.

The photo app will have a new feature that allows the user to make the whole photo library that will show your pictures by the day, month, or year.

All the pictures and videos will be intelligently organized that will make it very simple for the user to maintain their respective memories.

All the photo editing tools will be available for video editing like adding filters, rotate, cropping the video, etc. with iOS 13. For photos, there will be portrait and monochromatic light effects for ingesting more life in your pictures.

Apple has certainly gone a notch higher with the iOS development process with iOS 13.

Increased Privacy

Keeping the privacy of the users at the utmost priority, Apple will be adding ‘Sign in with Apple’ so that the users can sign in easily and in a safer manner on any websites or mobile apps.

The authentication of the user will be done either by touch or face ID, but the data that will be revealed to the mobile app developer will be something unique and random.

In addition to this, Apple can also produce a random email address, so the customer doesn’t have to use his/her original email id for sign-in purposes.

Deleting Apps

The process of deleting the mobile apps from the previous versions of iOS was very tiresome. The user needed to hold the icon until ‘x’ sign appears and then dump the app. Whereas in iOS 13, you can delete the app directly from the app store. Yes, you need to swipe left on any app, an option of delete will come, and you can do the process directly from there. The hassle of going down on the mobile screen and hunting for the apps that you don’t want has now been solved with iOS 13.

Quick action menu for 3D touch

There are reports that the 3D touch will be removed and instead of that, Apple will be bringing in ‘Quick actions menu’.

3D touch is going to be removed in XS and XR iPhones. Along with the iPhones, the iPads will also get quick action menu. iPads never had quick action menu in the past as they didn’t have the luxury of 3D touch.

Wrapping up

By looking at all the features, there is no doubt that like the previous years, this year too Apple will have a ball with iOS 13. By keeping even the minutest thing in mind, iOS 13 will be one of the grander versions of iOS development and will set a strong foundation for Apple in the years to come.

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