Top Grocery Delivery Apps You Need to Know

6 min readDec 5, 2023
top grocery delivery apps

Grocery delivery apps are mobile applications that enable users to order groceries online and have them delivered to their homes. Online grocery shopping apps offer convenience, variety, and at times lower prices compared to traditional supermarkets through discounts and rewards for loyal users.

Online grocery shopping through apps can also help customers save time, avoid traffic, and reduce their environmental impact by having fewer or no trips to the supermarkets. With time, this industry is growing by leaps and bounds as it offers newer features and faster delivery. The latest addition, 10-minute grocery delivery, helps customers discover the latest products, compare prices, and get their orders instantly.

Stats and figures of grocery delivery apps

If we go by stunning Statista figures for online delivery apps for grocery, this market segment is anticipated to show a staggering compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 16.11% between 2023 and 2027, making an expected market volume of US$1,140.00 bn by 2027. The report further says that considering the average revenue per user (ARPU) for this industry, it is speculated that it is going to touch the magical figure of US$449.00 before 2024.

Immense opportunity for entrepreneurs

In this era of startup bloom, customized mobile app development for grocery delivery is a good idea for new entrepreneurs as they can offer a convenient service to meet the present demands of consumers. These apps can leverage the existing infrastructure of supermarkets, warehouses, and delivery vehicles to bring down the initial investment and operational costs.

If you are thinking of building a grocery app solution for your business, you need to invest time and money. You can either build a solution from scratch or simply opt for an affordable option such as cloning a readymade product. For such an option, you can choose any popular product’s clone and ask your developing partner to get it done at a much lower budget; for instance, Instacart clone app development cost is lower as compared to building the same app from scratch.

Here we present the top 10 best grocery delivery apps you need to know to inspire your product and adopt the business models they proved profitable.

Top 10 grocery delivery apps

The selection of the best grocery delivery applications is based on their popularity, features and facilities, business models, and revenue.


Instacart is an instant grocery delivery app that enablesusers to order groceries from a variety of stores and have them delivered to their dwellings in as little as an hour. Consumers can also choose to pick up their orders at the supermarket or use the app’s curbside service. Instacart offers a membership program called Instacart Express that offers customers unlimited free deliveries on orders over a certain amount along with other premium benefits.

Amazon Fresh

It is a grocery delivery application, a part of Amazon’s Prime membership program. Customers can browse and order fresh products, dairy, meat/seafood, bakery, vegetables, and pantry items from Amazon or local stores. This app also serves quickly that is within a few hours or at a scheduled time. Amazon Fresh also adopts the business models of deals and coupons on selectedgoods.


A well-known grocery delivery app, Shipt, has partnerships with local grocery stores to offer same-day delivery of goods and household items. App users browse products and tag their wishlists or shopping lists. They can also place orders on the app or website securely. Shiptdelivery partners then pick up the parcels and deliver the items to the customers’ doorsteps. This app also offers a membership option wherein customers can enjoy unlimited free deliveries on orders over a certain amount.


It is a grocery delivery app that functions in the United Kingdom. It is known to offer a wide variety of products from its own brand and other vendors. Customers can buy groceries, household goods, cosmetic products, pet products, and more on the application. All these parcels are delivered at a convenient time slot. Ocado is known for its loyalty program called Ocado Plus whichoffers consumers free deliveries, amazing deals, and early access to delivery slots.


Operated and active across India, BigBasket is a top grocery delivery app that offers over 20,000 products from various categories. Buyers can purchase almost all grocery and household items such as fruits, vegetables, cookies, cleaners, snacks, milk, beverages, cosmetics, and lentils. Users are provided with both the choices apps and web portal to ordergroceries and get them delivered within a few hours or at a preferred time slot. BigBasket, like other grocery delivery apps, also houses a subscription option called BB Star to offer customers free deliveries, amazing discounts, and exclusive offers.


A popular grocery shopping app operating across Latin America and Canada, Cornershopallows consumers to purchase groceries from local shops/supermarkets. Customers are displayed with neatly categorized products such as fresh vegetables and fruits, meat/dairy products, bakery and beverages, etc., on the app or website. Cornershop shoppers can view hundreds of items under various categories tochoose their required products. These products are added to a shopping cart and once paid, the consumers get those items delivered to their homes within an hour or at a scheduled time.


HappyFresh is one of the top trending grocery delivery apps that operates in Southeast Asia and offers itsusersa wide network of local supermarkets and stores down the streets. Consumers have access to online groceries, fresh food items, cosmetics, healthcare products, and more on the application. HappyFresh shoppers then select goods and choose an option to deliver the items to their homes in an hour or at a chosen time slot.


It is an online grocery shopping app that operates in India and offers products from the industry giant Reliance Retail’s JioMart platform. app users can have groceries, veggies &fruits, bakery or dairy products, cosmetic and personal care products, household goods, and more on this top grocery delivery app. InstaShopJioMartis also known as an instant grocery delivery option as customers get ordered items within 30 minutes or at a preferred time.


Considered as one of the best grocery delivery apps by many, Carrefour, operates in several countries throughout Latin America, Europe, Africa, and Asia. The online grocery app offers products from Carrefour’s wide network of hypermarkets and supermarkets. Customers can order everything from vegetables to fruits and personal products to groceries, and even electronic items through the app or website. Carrefour, like other top trending grocery delivery apps, delivers the selected items to users’ places within an hour or at a scheduled hour.

Walmart Grocery

One of the shopping business giants, Walmart’s prime product is its grocery delivery app that covers the entire US and Canada. The availability of thousands of products from Walmart stores makes it the best grocery delivery app in the world. Customers order groceries, household items, pharmacy products, pet products, and more on the app or website. Walmart Grocery is also an instant grocery delivery app that delivers ordered items to the customers’ doorsteps in 60 minutes or a selected time.

Why is the grocery delivery app a viable investment?

The present consumer wants things with pace, especially shopping of all kinds including apparel, food, groceries, and even buying houses and cars. With more and more population moving to urban settings and commuting to workplaces consuming a lot of time, most of the urban dwellers prefer buying day-to-day items online. Indeed, the instant grocery delivery app business would prove to be the most profitable business in the future as the statistics stated earlier in this guide.

Ready to build the best grocery delivery app?

As stated earlier, the business of instant goods delivery to consumers’ doorsteps is one of the happening businesses today. As an entrepreneur, you have an option to build customized grocery delivery apps of your kind; for instance, you can opt for a general app or a 10-minute grocery delivery app keeping pace with the latest trends worldwide.

For such an app development, you need to hire developers who possess extensive experience in building eCommerce solutions. Fixing a contract with a reputed offshore software solution company can help you get the best slot of veteran mobile developers. You can learn about the cost of developing a custom grocery delivery app and discuss your business idea with your tech partner in depth.




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