Transform Your eCommerce into Best Selling osCommerce — Benefits and Strategies

4 min readJun 29, 2021

ECommerce is one of the hottest trends today and is responsible for the rise of companies like Amazon and Alibaba. Statista estimates the eCommerce market to grow to 6.3 trillion dollars by 2024.

Due to the phenomenal growth of eCommerce, many entrepreneurs have started or are planning to start an eCommerce platform. The platform may be a native mobile app, a PWA, or a website.

Building an eCommerce app or website is a tedious task to keep track of every minute aspect as an entrepreneur, so there has been a sudden rise in the requirement of the efficient ecommerce developers. The top-rated ecommerce development company will have expertise in an array of ecommerce platforms and employs these proficient developers to use eCommerce platforms like osCommerce to build their eCommerce websites.

The osCommerce platform is one of the oldest eCommerce development platforms available in the market. The grandfather of open source shopping cart solutions, osCommerce, is used by thousands of websites today. There are various reasons why osCommerce has stayed as one of the most popular eCommerce development platforms over the years. In this article, we will look at the various benefits of using osCommerce and its comparison with other eCommerce development platforms.

Benefits of using osCommerce for an eCommerce website development

Mentioned below are some of the major advantages of using osCommerce for building an eCommerce website.

Highly customizable

A wide variety of tools and options, including themes, layouts, updates, and templates, come with the osCommerce platform. These tools and options enhance the features of the osCommerce platform, increasing its functionality manyfold. This is the reason why many developers consider osCommerce as a modular eCommerce development platform.

The osCommerce platform has a vast and supportive community of around 300,000 members which help each other. The availability of such a wide range of tools makes osCommerce very flexible and easy to customize the platform. The developers can make whatever changes they need as per the website’s requirements by using the osCommerce platform. One of the unique features of osCommerce is that it gives the option of multiple languages which helps the eCommerce development platform communicate with a broader range of audiences.

OsCommerce website development is user-friendly and has a high level of security which are the two other factors that add to the popularity of osCommerce amongst the developers.

Feature-rich software program

OsCommerce provides developers with a wide variety of features, making it one of the most versatile eCommerce management platforms. Mentioned below are some of the essential features of osCommerce.

● OsCommerce is compatible with all the leading web browsers which resolve a big headache for the developers.

● OsCommerce allows developers to create shopping carts on a temporary as well as a permanent basis.

● OsCommerce is compatible with all the versions of PHP and MySQL.

● It is easy to take backup of databases with osCommerce as it allows an easy restoration and backup of databases.

● OsCommerce comes with a back-end that is object-driven.

● OsCommerce supports most of the major languages spoken around the world like English, German and Spanish.

● osCommerce is one of the most secure ECommerce platforms around and it is also a user-friendly one,

All these features help enhance the reputation of osCommerce as a power-packed system that can help entrepreneurs build and manage their eCommerce business.

Better product management

OsCommerce website development allows store owners to upload an unlimited number of products easily and conveniently. OsCommerce also helps the eCommerce store owners to arrange these products as they wish. OsCommerce has a sound analytics system that helps the eCommerce business owners track their customers’ preferences and lets them know the number of customers returning to the store.

The eCommerce store owners can use this data to drive eCommerce sales during festive seasons. Using this data, the eCommerce development platform owners can build their own customer database and create reports for every customer, including the browsing history of the customers and their purchases. OsCommerce makes product and store management really easy.

Multiple payment gateway options

For any eCommerce business to achieve success, it must reach the maximum number of customers. Providing multiple payment gateway options is one way to increase the reach of the eCommerce platform. With osCommerce website development, the developers get multiple payment gateways like CCAvenue, PayPal, Blue Pay, Payza, and many others which are already integrated with osCommerce.

With so many payment gateway options available, the range of the eCommerce app built with osCommerce increases dramatically. The wide variety of payment gateway options also helps improve the customer experience in an eCommerce store, as the customers can check out with their favorite payment option.

Hassle-free setup

One of the best things about osCommerce website development is that it is a plug-and-play solution. Even people with very little technical knowledge can easily set up the software and build a competent eCommerce store. A significant benefit of osCommerce development is that it is a platform-independent eCommerce solution. Being platform-independent allows any paid hosting service provider to handle osCommerce easily.

The developers can enhance the features of osCommerce by downloading a wide variety of templates and models. Models like search engine-friendly URL models, easy populate modules, and AdSense modules are readily available. These modules can make an eCommerce store search engine friendly and help the owners in their digital marketing efforts.


OsCommerce has many exclusive features that have helped the platform achieve the status of one of the best eCommerce management systems today. OsCommerce helps eCommerce owners boost their customer base and sales. Top osCommerce developers can aid the eCommerce store owners in their journey of creating a great eCommerce store using osCommerce. These experts will also help the entrepreneurs assess whether osCommerce will be the best platform for their requirements.




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