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4 min readDec 30, 2019


React Native Version Update impact on Developers

Constant evolution has become the nature of today’s tech-driven world. Thus tech organizations are doing every bit to keep their app developers updated with all the latest happenings so that they can translate that in their work. The increase in demand has made it a necessity for the app development companies to look beyond the native apps. Native mobile apps are prolific but can be just used in a particular manner. Whereas, cross-platform apps can work on multiple mobile operating systems and are more convenient to the app development companies as well.

Whenever we indulge in a discussion of cross-platform apps, it becomes imperative to discuss React Native. Being an open-source platform by Facebook, React Native has made life easy for the developers who are indulged in cross platform mobile app development. We all are aware of the pre-cross-platform apps era where the mobile app developers struggled with the traditional methods of the Native mobile apps. Not only were the codes lengthy, but the app developers also had to write the same code in different languages for different platforms.

React Native eradicated the problem of coding separately for different platforms with ‘Write Once, Run Anywhere’ (WORA) technique, thus making the process of mobile app development faster. Moreover, there were some nagging issues, but with React Native 0.61, the app developers will have a sigh of relief.

Let us understand in what way React Native 0.61 will help the mobile app developers and positively impact the mobile app development process.

Enhanced Support for Cocoapods

The previous version of React Native had some default updates and support for Cocoapods, but it created a ruckus during the usage of frameworks. The latest version fixes this problem and makes it easier for the app developers to integrate iOS projects and built frameworks in a hassle-free manner. The dynamic frameworks will help in setting a strong foundation of the mobile app development process, thus resulting in fruitful outcomes.

Rapid Refresh

The new feature of a fast refresh in React Native 0.61 will contain the features of ‘hot reloading’ or ‘fast reloading’ from the previous version but will have a smoother approach. It was anyhow high time for the react native development team to look into the issue of hot reloading and fix it with something smoother. The Hot reload function does not work properly with the Stateless Functional Components (SFC). With the fast refresh, the app developers have addressed the issue and made React Native competent with all the modern updates. With the fast refresh, minor typing and grammatical mistakes can be taken care of.

The app developers can always fall back to the full reload whenever there is a need. There are no massive changes or code transformations during the fast refresh process. Thus the app developers can trust the default setting without the fear of their codes getting lost or changed. The app developers know that it is very tough to reload React Native manually. The fast refresh works utterly well with both the class components and functional components, thus completing the refresh process fast. The elements used in fast refresh is the same in hot reloading; the only update is the explicitly fast time duration.

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Eradicating React.xcodeproj.

By removing the xcodeproj, React Native 0.61 makes it possible for the app developers to integrate RN into iOS mobile apps. The auto-linking support which was there in the previous version will be continued in the latest version as well and will perform emphatically. The subtle integration of RN into iOS apps will effectively depreciate the React.xcodeproj support, so that the concerned file can be easily removed.


Apart from using the dimensions API in the majority of the cases, with React Native 0.61, the mobile app developers can opt for useWindowDimensions. The new hook with the latest version will automatically provide the subscription to the windows dimension updates. The automatic updates will enable the app developers to work on the newest windows version and thus be compatible with all the changes.

React upgraded to 16.9

The new version of React refrains itself from taking older, unsafe usernames as the security standards have been increased. On the contrary, it includes ways to eradicate the usage of unsafe usernames. The improvements suggested will help the app developers to come up with the usernames that cannot be easily detected by the hackers and thus the making the codes safe from any malware or suspicious activities.

Fixing the niggles

Mobile app development with cross-platform can be enhanced double fold. The new version of React Native has fixed all the minor niggles so that the app developers have a wholesome platform to develop even better apps. Cross platforms are ideal for business organizations as they can cater to a large user base. React Native being open-source has a large community of developers you can always look up for some changes and updates. The app developers should always follow the latest trends and updates and having a huge community can also provide the helping hand when needed that could provide to be helpful for the community

Signing off

Ease of development is a crucial factor in decreasing the product development cycle and releasing the mobile app early on the app store. React Native 0.61 gives fully-fledged access to the React Native app developers to better cross-platform apps that can work and leave a mark on the customers on the app store. In addition to this, customer-centric mobile app development on cross platform apps helps in building a good repo with the targeted users. Positive reviews and word of mouth publicity will be beneficial in improving the rating as well as the ranking of the apps on the app/play store.




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