Impact of Google Cloud Acceleration Program on SAP Customer

4 min readApr 29, 2020

Companies are waking up to the potential of the cloud. One of the most important innovations of the digital age, cloud computing has changed the paradigm of business and has seen an unprecedented adoption rate amongst companies.

With an ever-increasing number of smartphones and other devices like smart speakers and IoT, cloud computing has become more of a necessity. The level of freedom that cloud computing offers is immense, as companies do not have to worry about increasing/decreasing server space continually.

SAP is one of the premier companies in the world, providing business solutions to some of the largest enterprises in the world. Many companies that are running business solutions of SAP are using cloud extensively.

Transitioning their legacy systems to the cloud is a big headache for enterprises. To alleviate this trouble, Google has announced a cloud acceleration program specifically for SAP customers.

Google had launched a program known as Lighthouse earlier in 2019. The main aim of Lighthouse was to aid the customers of Google Cloud in their journey of cloud integration of their systems. Lighthouse was a program built in partnership with various system integrators.

The Cloud Acceleration Program is an upgrade over Lighthouse, and it focuses specifically on SAP clients. The cloud acceleration program aims to make the transition towards cloud systems smooth for the typical customers of Google and SAP. In this program, Google aims to provide support in shifting the workloads of SAP systems from on-premise servers to Google Cloud. The program also seeks to bridge the gap between Google Cloud, SAP, and other third-party vendors. When SAP had already entered Cloud Data Services with HANA, the Google and SAP partnership comes at a crucial stage where the companies can take a maximum benefit of the new program.

Google will provide accelerators and new architecture templates to the customers who shall participate in the Cloud Acceleration program of Google. The company will provide cloud integration support specifically focused on SAP. Google will also offer relief for various partner-led assessment services to the customers of SAP. Google aims to build centers of excellence solely dedicated to SAP on GCP.

Google has also roped in various ISVs into the cloud acceleration program who shall assist the customers by providing code remediation, minimal downtime services apart from other services.

While launching the cloud acceleration program, Google showcased the support that it has garnered for the program from various tech companies.

Names like Accenture, Atos, Deloitte, HCL, SNP, Wipro, Infosys, NTT, TCS, Hitachi oXya, Geekobrain, Datavard, SpringML, Capgemini, and DXC technologies have agreed to set up SAP centers of excellence. Also, they shall design new innovative solutions that will simplify cloud migrations for SAP customers.

Let us have a brief look at the various roles that these partners are playing to help smoother execution of the cloud acceleration program.

Accenture has designed a solution that will allow the customers to migrate their old data to BigQuery. The answer will also help the clients in reducing their SAP HANA costs. Accenture is also exploring the use of Machine Learning that will aid in tighter augmentation of SAP and Google Cloud.

Atos has provided support to the cloud acceleration program by building a “Quick Cloud start” program that aims to ease the cloud migration process by completing it within four weeks. This super-quick program is a boon for time-pressed organizations. Using Machine Learning Atos has plans to accelerate innovation and increase the level of automation in the cloud migration process.

The Google cloud business unit of Deloitte has launched a program named “Reimagine Everything Anywhere.” The program consists of various best practices in the industry that will help the clients to accelerate SAP S/4 transformation. Dellotie has expanded its platform to provide Google Cloud machine powered solutions that embrace TensorFlow and BigQuery.

NTT has designed a template that will act as a guiding light for the Manufacturing, Automotive, and Auto ancillaries industry along with the life sciences industry.

Wipro has built a “safe passage to GCP” framework that aims to provide an accelerated and low-risk way to Google cloud migration. Wipro’s framework also helps customers in migration, maintenance, assessment, and automated discovery.

SNP is providing a platform known as the CrystalBridge platform. This platform helps the SAP workers by allowing them to select the data, applications, and workloads that they want to migrate to GCP.

Geekobrain helps in cleaning up more than 90% custom code by providing state of the art code remediation feature which is an integral part of SAP migration.

Datavard has built solutions that help in moving data from SAP to BigQuery with ease.

SpringML designs smart workflows for SAP users on GCP. The solutions designed by SpringML help the SAP users in document processing, preventive maintenance, and sales forecasting on GCP.


The synergy of the Google Cloud Platform and SAP will help businesses in mitigating the stormy waters of cloud migration. The Cloud acceleration program shall help the customers in leveraging the full benefits of cloud as they can now stop worrying about the various hurdles faced in cloud migration.

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