5 min readMay 15, 2017

Android or iOS: These points would help you Choose it Better

If I would say that choosing a mobile app platform is as tough and important as choosing a life partner, then it would not be an overstatement. You need to have a complete understanding of the nature of your app and set your priorities right before choosing the platform. All in all there are two major platforms that are used mostly i.e. Android and iOS for launching the mobile app since the evolution of apps.

Both Android and iOS are supreme and prime in their own league, but it needs an eye of a surgeon to pick the correct platform according to the genre and targeted audience of the app. Also the launch of the app should be spot on so that the adverse market condition should not affect the app launching strategy. The language used in the description of the app should be non-diplomatic and to the point so that the customers would understand the specifications in a better manner.

To cut down the turmoil, let us head straight to the scheme of things and see the points that would help deciding the perfect mobile app platform for the app release.

Analyzing the targeted Customers

It is a proven fact that people who use Apple products swear by it and seldom turn their attention to any other mobile app platform. Therefore if the genre of your customer falls in the loyalist category, you should go for an iOS app as the mobile app would have a solid customer base and a better market to penetrate into. Also you should consider the affluence of the social circle of your targeted audience as it plays the most pivotal role in bringing more business.

Moreover, if the background of the genre of your users is not affluent financially, you should go for the Android mobile app platform as majority of the apps are free and has higher demographic reach.

If App updates is your USP

Once the mobile app is launched, app updates are necessary so as to make the user stay with the app for a long time. Mobile app updates are essential as they play an important role in customer retention. Therefore, if app update is your most exciting feature than go for iOS and if it is not than be firm on Android app platform. iOS platform deals with app updates in a more specific manner as the newest version is compulsory there rather than being a choice.

The reasons for not going to Android is that the backward compatibility of Android is narrow therefore the makers there are not quick enough to upgrade their application. Also the iOS app platform provides more and authentic user experience and keeps the essence of the mobile app intact.

Realizing the business target

If you are targeting a specific business scenario, then without a second thought and wasting even an iota of a second go for iOS mobile app platform. The reason behind this it that the majority of the enterprises go for a secured and structured environment and iOS provides this to the core. It renders a reliable access as the app environment is closed and based on an open source thing. The mobile app coding languages like Swift used in iOS Apps makes it more desirable among the enterprises, thus it would assist your mobile app in bringing higher amount of ROIs.

Also the app loyalty programs of Apple are more effective as they cover the all round technical aspects to the maximum.

Keeping in mind the Screen Sizes

We are all aware that Android uses N number of screen sizes, so if you have to build an app for this platform, it should be compatible to all the mobile app sizes. Otherwise, the app will lack consistency and the user experience will differ across the platforms. Therefore as a mobile app development company, one should opt for a design that can be efficiently catered for various screen sizes without losing out on the user experience factor. If this is not the case and your screen sizes are more standardized then it is better to go for iOS as it uses standardized app screens. Moreover, making an app that is compatible with all the screen sizes can be managed.

With Apple lower number of screen sizes remains a promise and it plays a huge role in making it more manageable for the mobile app developers.

Targeting the masses

If your mobile app is for the masses, then Android is your mobile app platform my friend. It has the largest market reach and people from all shapes, sizes, genre use it. As a larger portion of Android apps are free and easily accessible, it gives even the naive smartphone users a pleasant mobile app user experience. To approve an app on the Google Play Store is comparatively easily as the norms and regulations are lenient and less tiresome as compared to iTunes. Moreover, it takes less number of days in giving an approval to the app as compared to iOS.

The Security Concern

The mobile app security battle is won by Apple by a long-long margin over Android. Apple demands to use Apple’s SDK exclusively for developing an application that results in a more polished mobile app. There is a very less chance of the app getting attacked by Malware and hacked by even the finest of hackers. That being said, Android Apps too have their share of security measures to ensure the safety of the users. From the Android users perspective it is always beneficial to go for the app publishers who have been certified. It is the apps from the unknown publishers that cause a major concern on the App Store so better too stay from that.

Apple’s app security culture is phenomenal and follows specific criteria for approval. Therefore, iOS mobile app platform being a closed network is said to keep the data secured and unadulterated for a longer period of time.

Mobile app development is a very specific and niche process. Therefore, the app development companies must make themselves fully sure before building the app for a specific platform. Android has a larger share of the market in terms of the users and so it is easy and feasible to reach-out to a wider prospect. iOS on the other hand has profound customer loyalty in the present times, much more than Android. Therefore, one should scale down all the points and then go about the mobile app development process to curtail the chances of mistakes and be spot on with the results.


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