A Quick Guide to Accelerate Mobile App Development

There are several different strategies which are used to develop mobile apps. All these strategies focus on different aspects of mobile app development. While you can dedicate some strategies to advanced levels of testing, other strategies focus on developing a more optimized UX and UI. Sometimes the process of development also focuses on a certain way, for example, a strategy is drafted either to quicken the development rate or to minimize the development cost.

When you are working on a strict deadline, and want to develop an application as fast as possible, you need to deal with certain trade-offs to optimize the time consumption. We shall not discuss one particular strategy to quicken your development rate, rather discuss multiple factors that are implementable on any strategy to do so.

Hire Specialized Individuals

When speed is your primary aim during a mobile app development process, you must focus on hiring specialized individuals rather than multi-talented individuals. Although it might lead to a bigger team and higher initial cost, the development time for the application will reduce considerably. By choosing the best individuals in the profession, who can focus effectively on the task at hand, the productivity of entire team increases.

For example, if you are hiring a programmer, you must hire different expert programmers for UX, UI, and source code programming. The same goes for the business aspect of your application. When hiring a marketing team, you can hire individual experts in finance, marketing, HR, etc.

Work on Multiple Projects at a Time

Adopting a multi-tasking operation mode is the best way to ensure that you are making the best use of the time available at your disposal. Here, hiring individual experts helps too, since the employee needs to work on only one set task at a time and not divert their attention.

However, you need to make sure that these different projects do not depend on the success or failure of the other project. In case they do, you need to establish effective channels of communication between the project teams to work in coherence.

Dedicate Enough Time for Initial Draft

A strict time constraint calls for an efficient game plan. You need to make sure that you prepare a workable timeline for all the development teams in the various projects. By dedicating enough time for the initial project stages, you can make sure that the time requirements for each team are met. You can now hold individual teams responsible in case they are unable to perform according to the proposed timeline.

It is crucial that you overlap these individual timelines to make room for necessary breaks/recreational periods for the team members. A good work-life balance will help your teams achieve their goals faster.

Keep Reserved Funds for Emergency

This is a crucial point since you never know when you might require funds or staff for an emergency in a time constrained plan. While organizing the finance for the project, you must allot a considerable amount of money for tackling emergency situations like the failure of a development team to work together.

With these funds, you can always stick to the plan and work in a worry-free environment even in case something goes terribly wrong during the development process.

Stick to a Singular Plan

It is crucial to entertain all the ideas in the initial phase of planning so that there is no discrepancy in the minds of the team members. By sticking to a singular plan, all the developers can stay aware of the development plans and work accordingly. It is important that all the individuals in the team dedicate themselves to total honesty while creating a transparent environment for the other teams. Every project team should be aware of the progress of other teams to stay updated with the overall work progress.

Dedicate Time for Testing and Reforms

Rather than testing on the go, you must dedicate a time for testing towards the end of the development period. You should dedicate a fair amount of time for compatibility testing after all the different teams have completed and assembled their projects to create the application. Since there is a high chance of incompatibility between different aspects of the app, you must make sure that you give the individual teams a chance for making the reform.

Here, you need to make sure that you organize a hierarchy level for the teams and calculate a time for reform so that the team that requires the least time for reforming the corrections towards the end. But, there is no exception to testing in app development process, it is mandatory.

Keep a Margin of Error

Keeping a margin of error is crucial when you are working on a project with limited funds or a limited time for development. By ensuring that you keep a tolerance limit, you can easily make room for adjustments in the initial plan. A margin of error also allows you to function in situations where an entire development branch for the app fails.

You must also inculcate a set deadline for the entire project and set an application launch date to keep all members of the workforce motivated.


By inculcating these points in the initial draft of the app development plan, you can ensure that your team is ready to handle any crisis without panicking. It is often helpful to provide incentives for early completion of work. All in all, the creation of a game plan and keeping a margin of error are the most important factors in hastening the entire process of app development. It is an art to mange the mobile app development and accelerating the process with all the requirements taken care off needs some extra talent for effective completion and execution.



Prismetric is an ISO 9001:2015 certified Mobile App Development company based in India and USA. https://www.prismetric.com

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Prismetric is an ISO 9001:2015 certified Mobile App Development company based in India and USA. https://www.prismetric.com